Affordable  Wood Doors in Miami, Florida

Get beautiful, well-made wood and interior doors from J&M Doors in Miami, Florida. We give you an affordable product for filling both interior and exterior doorways.

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Wood doors are great option for front and French doors. These doors provide the needed protection while still making your house look great no matter what your budget is. Wood doors look great as front doors, interior doors, or patio doors and come in many different styles. To meet codes, wooden doors require different types of glass depending on their location, and they can be somewhat harder to get approved. Although this makes them slightly more expensive, wood doors are still a great option for people who want that sophisticated look.

Interior Doors

With interior doors you have the option of a hollow or solid core. Hollow core doors are lighter and much less expensive while solid doors are filled with compressed wood, making them heavier and more durable. Both types of interior door are available in many different styles and colors. We apply the paint or stain of your choice and fit the door with any lever or knob you want, including cylinder systems from Kwikset.




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