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Sliding Glass Door Replacements | Patio Doors

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We receive inquiries about alternatives to sliding glass doors almost daily.

Many of our customers report being dissatisfied with their sliding glass doors for a
variety of reasons.  They are often
poorly constructed, leak water, are drafty, wear
out quickly, come out of their tracks, and many are not
energy efficient.  We hear a
lot of complaints from customers who also find old style sliding glass doors to be
inconvenient to go in and out of.

Older construction grade sliding glass doors are often made with a
single pane of
, which traps heat in the home during summer and allows the transfer of cold
temperatures into the home during winter.  In our opinion, older design sliding glass
doors which gained popularity 40 to 50 years ago have become outdated.  

We have researched alternatives to the typical sliding glass door.  We have built a
strong reputation by offering custom steel, vinyl, solid wood, aluminum, and glass
patio and
French patio doors, many with enclosed mini blinds, as replacements for
the typical sliding glass door.  Much of our business is now the result of our efforts to
offer better alternatives to these doors.

Our French patio doors are ENERGY STAR® qualified, which means they are
extremely energy efficient.  As you will note from our
ENERGY STAR® web page,
we are an ENERGY STAR® Partner, which gives us an advantage in offering energy
efficient custom patio doors to replace old style sliding glass doors, which are
usually not energy efficient.

Many of our patio doors are hurricane impact resistant.  We offer a wide variety of
choices of decorative glass, many of which are also hurricane impact resistant.  
Check out our
door glass options.
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fiberglass patio door image
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Fiberglass with the look of Wood
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