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Guidelines for Choosing a Door


Doors made of wood are highly recommended when they are protected by an overhang and not facing direct sunshine
from the east or west.  
Wooden doors have an aesthetic appeal and add to the feeling of warmth in a home.  They also
provide an authentic look.  However, they require some special care and attention in order to ensure a very long lasting

As wood doors are made of natural fibers, there will be some expansion or contraction under different temperatures.  
Each door will perform differently according to the particular environment in which it is installed.  A wood door in a very
hot environment may require some periodic maintenance, typically once a year.  Protection will vary according to the
finish applied.

There are many varieties of styles and finishes available in doors made of wood.  Some are offered with
resistant glass
.  Please see our Door Samples web page to get an idea of the models available.

Solid wood doors typically provide increased security, longer life, and require less maintenance than those that are not
solid wood.  The wood doors that we carry are only made of solid wood.


examples, please see our web page with examples of fiberglass doors we carry.  Our fiberglass doors are available with
decorative glass.

Steel and Other Metals

Steel doors (and doors made of other metal composites) are recommended when there is little or no overhang
protection and at patios and front doors when they will be exposed to severe weather conditions.  They do not require
maintenance, as they are made of galvanized steel or other metal laminate with wood inside.

Steel doors are available in a wide variety of styles, including hurricane impact resistant types.  Our steel  doors are
available with
decorative glass.  Many of our steel doors are energy efficient and hurricane impact resistant.

Regarding Severe Weather Conditions

As long as a door is installed so it opens outward, it will provide an additional measure of safety and security under
severe weather conditions.  For example, in high winds, the frame will help protect the door against inward wind force.

In areas such as Miami, Florida, hurricane impact doors provide an extra measure of safety and protection against
hurricane force winds.  Our
hurricane impact resistant doors are Miami-Dade County approved and

New styles of doors have been introduced with blinds installed internally between two layers of hurricane impact door
glass.  In addition to their superior hurricane impact resistance, this provides an additional benefit of not having to dust
blinds anymore!   

Energy Efficiency in Doors
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used to manufacture the door, the type of glass, if present, and custom fitting.

ENERGY STAR® doors are certified as energy-efficient according to the area of the country in which they are
installed.  In Florida, for example, it is important that a door keep the heat out and coolness in.  

An energy efficient door will lose its rating if improperly installed.  "Custom fitting" is achieved by making measurements
of the door opening before ordering the door.  We make precise measurements to ensure that all our doors, including

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